Worship Song of the Month - Watch, listen to and learn this month's new song. Coming to a Sunday service soon!! watch and listen here

Worship Song of the Month

Watch and listen to our worship song of the month

Don't let your personal time singing to God be confined to just the 15 minutes of a Sunday church service worship. Musical worship is accessible all week long.

On this page you can watch and listen to an original artist version of Knightsbridge's current 'Worship Song of the Month".

This gives you a chance to learn it and connect with it as you sing it to God in your own time and in preparation for singing it togther with us when it comes up on a Sunday service.

Song Of The Month - June '22

Drenched in Love - Bethel Music

Drenched in Love

Written by Daniel Bashta / Matt Armstrong / Joshua Silverberg

Verse 1

All souls atoned by the blood of the Lamb

I’m not a slave to what once held me damned

How beautiful that cleansing flood

I am washed, I am washed, I am drenched in love


Oh precious is the flow

That makes me white as snow

No other fount I know

I am washed, I am washed I am drenched in love

Verse 2

All filth made clean in that crimson sea

I’m not ashamed of what once shackled me

How infinite that grace divine

I am free, I am free, I am a child of God


How priceless, how precious

There’s power In the blood of Jesus

There’s power, power

Wonder working power

In the blood of the Lamb

Verse 3

I was buried deep with Christ my Lord

Now I’m raised to life forevermore

My name’s been carved upon Your heart

No not death, no not hell could ever rip us apart

May's Song

Way Maker - Leyland